The DrumFIT Play N’ Go Curriculum supports busy teachers. 

From the outset, you're kitted out with everything you need to run these new & brilliant active sessions:

  • The drumkits & accessories; a vast library of set lesson plans & engaging online video content. 
  • Expert coaches direct the class virtually, giving you time and space to be amongst the students; freeing up valuable planning time
  • New ideas & content is provided regularly to keep your classes fun and exciting.
  • Provides the opportunities to encourage students to direct groups or come up with their own choreography!
  • Includes all appropriate training and resources and professional development (optional).

For Teachers

DrumFIT’s school programme pairs state-of-the-art equipment with supporting video content & your very own class activity coach!

DrumFIT is on a mission to provide the next generation with life-long physical literacy skills, helping them thrive beyond school and throughout their life. 

Originally founded in Canada, DrumFIT is serving children in thousands of schools across North America. 

Now located in the UK, here are just a few of the things UK teachers are saying about our schools programme!

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Innovative sports & PE programme, guaranteed to lift spirits and increase sports participation across the school!

Aligns with all 5 PE and Sport Premium funding criteria.

Programme designed specifically to meet all national Physical Education standards

Powering A New Wave of Physical Literacy

Play N' Go video curriculum allows for easy lesson planning and delivery for educators

"A teachers dream"

- Lauder Primary School, Scotland

For Students

The DrumFIT Play N’ Go Curriculum supports the wellbeing, physical & social development of young people - combining sport & music and improving life skills such as coordination, teamwork, communication and creative problem solving - all whilst having fun and keeping fit and active!

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