Here’s what teachers and educators everywhere are saying about DrumFIT®.

  • Let me just say that DRUMFIT was a HIT on our field day! I have my PE leader for our district wanting your information so we can schedule an in-service with you (Trina) for early August.

    Also, several other PE teachers in our district want her to come for their field day next year or just a DRUMFIT day. I

    Trina was AMAZING, and we would love to have her for all of Denton ISD!Anissa DuPont
    McNair Elementary
  • We had six sessions throughout the day (40mins each) where all students had the opportunity to try DrumFIT. Our instructor Crystal, was energetic and engaging and knew how to connect with the JK's through to the grade 8's with different games and activities for each grade. We received a lot of feedback from the teachers and students and it was definitely a success. There wasn't one student who decided to sit out or not participate. It was a fantastic workout and really challenged them, while still being a lot of fun. We had a pretty good turn out in terms of parents showing up for their child's class which was a very nice surprise. Throughout the day we had 15 parents watch and 13 of them got right into it and participated in the session! DrumFIT was the talk of our school for a few weeks after our program, so needless to say everyone wants it back next year.Cristina Attard
    St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School Council - Co-Chair
  • The kids were so engaged, we had no problems at all with behavior. The songs and activities were perfectly appropriate for each grade level. We absolutely loved it. The instructors echoed what we say about exercise, fine motor skills, brain activity, and safety. It’s so nice to hear your own words reinforced by others! I highly recommend DrumFIT, and will sing its praises to everyone I know!Erin Needham
    PE Teacher, Story Elementary, Allen,Texas
  • Amazing! I had an idea of what to expect, but that was surpassed incredibly! Great energy, great tips and the most fun I’ve had in a long time!
    Waterloo, ON, Feb 2015
  • It’s exercise, but it’s so much fun! You don’t even realize you’re exercising. It totally works your core, it works everything! When you’re done, you’re sad you’re done because you want to keep going!Class Participant
    Seattle, WA March 2015
  • DrumFIT at the YMCA is fun, exciting and engaging. Members have raved about this new program that we are offering. The turnout has been more than we expected and continues to grow. Jennifer Tummonds
    Supervisor, YMCA KW
  • I couldn’t believe how intensive it was and how it worked your entire body!Kerri Hallman
    Owner 360 Fitness For Women
  • The workshops were an absolute hit with everyone! I have never seen all of the staff rave about something quite like this (and I organize alot of school wide activities)!Judi Sutten
    Munden Park P.S.
  • The energy and the atmosphere in the gym and the classroom were superb! 100% of the children were fully engaged – what an accomplishment!Katie Hutson
    Lexington Public School
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