Have a professional DrumFIT instructor come in for the day and drum with your students and staff. This option is perfect for schools who are new to DrumFIT or who are looking for a supercharged day program for their students.

Our instructors can drum with up to 8 classes and 400 students per day. For larger schools we offer a discount on the second and third DrumDAYs to accommodate everyone. For smaller schools, each class will get a slightly longer session. Drumfit works with students from preschool to grade 12 and gears its programs towards each age group.

All our instructors have the necessary police checks, carry insurance and understands the importance of delivering a quality, professional program to keep your students fully engaged and safe.

We provide all the equipment needed, including a sound system. Sessions run from 30-45 minutes each depending on the size of your school.

Email us to book your school’s DrumFIT experience today!

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