Our Mission: To Teach Kids to

love cardio fitness for life!


DrumFIT’s school program pairs high-quality equipment with engaging digital curriculum, allowing you to play brand new videos into your classroom every month for maximum participation & learning results!


Our DrumFIT stability balls are burst resistant up to 2000 lbs and 100% non-latex, assuring that they will be durable enough to sustain thousands of beats and bounces without worry of bursting!

DrumFIT stands are custom designed and made to not only be easy to assemble/disassemble and store, but provide another piece of equipment to use in our workout! This stand is precisely the right height: short enough that Kindergarteners can reach the ball and tall enough that seniors do not have to crouch down.

DrumFIT sticks are not your standard drumstick. Our drumstick is grooved and notably thicker than a standard stick to make it easier to grip and significantly more durable. These sticks are made of 100% Canadian Maple which does not splinter or break like a less expensive standard stick does.

DrumFIT’s high speed pump makes inflating and deflating your DrumFIT balls a snap, with inflation only taking a quick 30 seconds per ball!

large duffle bag with wheels Your entire DrumKIT is packed into a large duffle bag making it easy to transport and compact enough to store.

Digital Manual and instructional videos to help you with set-up, classroom management, and more!

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