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    Sometimes you just need to get DrumFIT in front of your administration or PTA for them to see the same value that you have already realized. DrumUNIT can be rented for one whole month for a low cost and 100% of the rental cost will be credited back to you if you decide to purchase. Have a ‘Drum-OFF’ to fundraise while you have the set at your school!


    Oftentimes we see schools successfully funding DrumFIT by joining with another department and spreading the cost between them. Music department and Special Education are the two most common combinations we see.


    Below is a sample paragraph your principal can send to your Title 1 coordinator. Elaborate on how it will be used on your campus, add and delete sentences as necessary.

    “The areas that the DrumFIT Program will impact are a need and priority for interventions – these have been identified in both the CNA and the goals have been indicated in the CEIP. DrumFIT will be utilized to increase student attendance, promote good behavior, reduce office referrals, get students engaged and stimulated, and students will benefit physically, as well as socially. We will have a family fitness night in which students become the teacher and ‘teach’ their parents/families how to use DrumFIT. We will have selected students use DrumFIT to perform in the annual school talent show – there is so much that can be impacted and positively supported with this program.

    Additionally, based on ability to use equipment, good attendance, and good citizenship, students can earn the opportunity to use the stability ball as a chair in the classroom, which has shown to increase engagement and attention in students with an attention disorder. Given that this will be a new experience for the students, we will tie in a personal narrative by having students write about using DrumFIT.

    Lastly, it will allow the P.E and Music teacher an additional opportunity to collaborate (music/routines for activities) and the equipment can be used as a teambuilding activity for the teachers and administration.”


    PTA groups love to help fund Physical Education in their schools, especially when they see how engaging and fun DrumFIT is. These organizations are run by parents and it is a known fact that childhood obesity is now the number one concern among parents in the United States, topping drug abuse and smoking (American Heart Association).

    Ask for a time slot at your next PTA meeting to present DrumFIT to them in person. Our sales team can provide you with a trial account to walk through the videos and a colorful sales packet flled with information to hand out.


    Asking businesses in your community to support a DrumFIT program for your students is easier than you think! Business are always looking for a way to work with the community and what better way than to sponsor a new PE program for the local school! We have included a template letter that you can personalize and send to parent-owned businesses or other organizations in your town.


    Grants are not as hard to write as you might think! If you are looking to implement DrumFIT at a district level, you may even have access to a grant-writer for your district. Many times grant money goes unissued simply because no one applied for the grant! Here are some places to start your search for the perfect grant for your school or district:


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