1 Month oF uN-bEat-abLe Fun!
DruMunIt Is A fAntAstIc OppOrtUniTy To IntRodUce yoUr StuDenTs, prIncIpaL, Pta anD ComMunIty to drUmfIt!
DrumUNIT has everything you need to run this high-engagement program that your students will remember as the highlight of the entire year!
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RecEivE yOur drUmuNit shIpmEnt!

  • DrumFIT balls
  • Stands
  • Manual
  • Drumsticks
  • High-speed inflator/deflators
  • DrumUNIT Guide

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Project the videos for your class to follow! DrumFIT videos are set to the latest, age-appropriate music, taught by a master instructor, and follow P.E. curriculum standards. Each video works with students on flexibility, muscle strength/endurance and cardiovascular capacity!


HavE a blAst

doing DrumFIT with your students!


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If you and your students loved DrumFIT too much to ever send it back, and want to keep DrumFIT at your school, we will credit 100% of your DrumUNIT toward the purchase or 1-year rental of DrumFIT!

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