CanAdiAn SchOolS

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Now Available Everywhere!

bOok a DruMdaY WitH dRumFit!

NEW VIRTUAL CAMPS – $3 to $5/camper

Looking for a fun, engaging activity to add to your virtual summer camp session? A professional DrumFIT Instructor will deliver a live 30 minute session for your happy campers – sure to generate lots of smiles and giggles! Program can be run with or without equipment.

  • Choose from 1, 3 or 5 sessions per week
  • Special pricing for equipment sets available

Family Fitness Night Only $650.00*

Family Fitness nights have all the perks of a DrumDAY but are designed to get the whole family involved! This is a great opportunity for students and parents to get physically active and have fun together with DrumFIT! Family Fitness nights can accommodate up to 50 participants with your choice of:

  • 3 x 30 minute sessions or
  • 2 x 45 minute sessions

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Drumday – $1300.00*

A DrumDAY is a full day of DrumFIT lead by one of our master DrumFIT Instructors who will bring the soundsystem, DrumFIT equipment, and FUN to your school! We can accommodate up to 400 students with your choice of:

  • Six Sessions lasting 40 minutes each or
  • Eight sessions lasting 30 minutes each

Larger schools may need additional days to accommodate all their students. Additional DrumDAYS can be added for $1025.00*

Keep the Fun going by adding a Family Fitness Night to your DrumDay for $650.00*

NEW!  DrumIN’ – Starting at $2/student

Imagine an on-site field trip where everything comes to you!  You will receive enough equipment for your largest class size and 3 x special video series, plus a bonus Family Fitness night video to enjoy for SIX WEEKS!

  • No software or wifi needed!
  • Perfect for school outside the Toronto/Calgary area
  • Special DrumDAY/Family Fitness Night Video Series to follow

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WanT dRumFit foR mOre ThaN jUst onE dAy?

Book DrumIN for SIX WEEKS!

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