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DrumFIT® Team

  • Meet DrumFIT member Danielle Sherbo

    Danielle Sherbo

    Co-Founder & CEO - Austin, TX

    Danielle Sherbo, Co-Founder and CEO, is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 15 years of business development experience.  Danielle joined DrumFIT in 2013 and quickly took it from a regional service-based company to an international EdTech company by developing a SaaS delivery model for online curriculum. 

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Melissa Turcotte

    Melissa Turcotte

    Director of Operations - Waterloo, ON

    Melissa is the glue that binds us! As DrumFIT's Director of Operations , Melissa is the one that keeps everything and everyone running smoothly. If you’ve contacted DrumFIT, chances are you have spoken with Melissa on the phone. Melissa is the calm in the storm and as a mother of 4, she’s used to the craziness!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member AJ Coghill

    AJ Coghill

    Creative Director - Waterloo, ON

    As the Creative Director at DrumFIT, AJ is the magic behind our amazing videos! Chances are AJ is responsible for any incredible DrumFIT video you have seen out there! AJ lives with his beautiful wife, Jody and their adorable son Odin in Ontario. They spend their days starring in their own vlog and chasing a toddler around while seeking out daily adventures & good coffee!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Alanna Schieck

    Alanna Schieck

    Director of Programming - Waterloo, ON

    Alanna has a long history with fitness and being active, from her competitive dance background to her university education in Therapeutic Recreation. She feeds off of the energy from those she is surrounded by and enjoys laughing. Growing up with four brothers, she is one tough cookie and loves a challenge! As DrumFIT's Director of Programming, Alanna oversees the production of the monthly online curriculum. 

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Lucy Teevan - Austin, TX

    Lucy Teevan - Austin, TX

    Head of Marketing

    Lucy comes from a background in Marketing, having studied Business, Marketing and International Business Development in Ireland, where she's from. As DrumFIT's Head of Marketing, Lucy handles all marketing strategies, manages DrumFIT's marketing & advertising budget, handles all advertising efforts, keeps DrumFIT's blog updated and is working on an exciting website update (keep your eyes peeled).

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Mary Baumann

    Mary Baumann

    Director of Corporate and Community Relations - Houston, TX

    With over 14 years of experience in operations and academic curriculum development for schools and non-profit organizations. Awarded Top National Fundraiser 12 years, Executive team member responsible for board recruitment, educational presentations, donor development, committee growth and structural alignment.

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  • Meet DrumFIT member David Gilbert - Traverse City, MI

    David Gilbert - Traverse City, MI

    Director of Senior Wellness

    David joined DrumFIT in 2020, brings 25 years of sales and business experience with him.  As a former United States Marine, his compassion for physical fitness and ability to motivate others brings inspiration to our DrumFIT Classics clients.  David’s commitment to family and friends, are deeply rooted in his desire to deliver programs that promote lifelong health and socialization to people of all ages.

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Ashley Patrick - Owen Sound, ON

    Ashley Patrick - Owen Sound, ON

    Director of Senior Wellness

    Coming from the travel and events industry, Ashley is an expert in hospitality. She enjoys working directly with people and helping them achieve their goals. Ashley joined the DrumFIT team in 2020 as the Director of Senior Wellness. She is passionate about making a difference and is excited to develop our DrumFIT Classics program within the Canadian Senior sector. 

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Jason White - Halifax, NS

    Jason White - Halifax, NS

    Director of Senior Wellness

    With over 20 years Business Development and Account Management experience in technology, advertising and eCommerce industries, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to DrumFIT Classics. Jason joined DrumFIT Classics in 2020, and enjoys promoting the importance of mental and physical well-being, a personal passion of his. Jason is excited to develop the DrumFIT Classics program further within the Canadian market and bring his passion for wellness to seniors within his community.

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Katie Harkin - Toronto, ON

    Katie Harkin - Toronto, ON

    Program Facilitator

    Katie has a wide range of experience when it comes to fitness and being physically active – from yoga to martial arts and years of competitive dance. She thrives on being active and being a part of the DrumFIT team. Katie loves adventure and is always looking to discover new things!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Ashish Malhotra

    Ashish Malhotra

    Leadership Team - Austin, TX

    Ashish is an experienced eCommerce entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful brands. Ashish joined the Advisor role at DrumFit in Sep 2019. He is passionate about learning new skills, empowering others, and entrepreneurship. Ashish is happiest while waiting to board a plane to a country he has never been to before, or knowing that he has made a positive difference in someone’s life.

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Kuntal F. Sindha

    Kuntal F. Sindha

    Leadership Team - Austin, TX

    Kuntal is a seasoned healthcare operational leader who thrives on developing sustainable solutions that will fundamentally enable and shift the delivery and access to high quality care.  Working with organizations, private practices, and technology/start-up companies, Kuntal builds and executes upon strategies to optimized market positioning, operations, and delivery of new care models/technology. 

    Her experience spans across various areas of the health care delivery – hospitals, physician practices, revenue cycle, health technology companies/start-ups, and integrated healthcare systems – providing unique insights on how the “puzzles” currently fit together; while working with organizations & fellow enablers to develop and implement sustainable changes.   

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