Meet the

DrumFIT® Team

  • Meet DrumFIT member Danielle Sherbo

    Danielle Sherbo

    President and CEO - Austin, TX

    A serial entrepreneur, Danielle has kicked off businesses in many provinces across Canada. In 2013, Danielle took on the role as CEO of DrumFIT and expanded into the USA in 2014 while simultaneously converting DrumFIT from mostly service based company to an edutech company that provides web-based curriculum and equipment to Physical Education...

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Jenny Busing

    Jenny Busing

    Director of Operations - Austin, TX

    Jenny came to DrumFIT as a business development consultant, but she loved DrumFIT's mission so much she came on full time as our Director of Operations. She manages our Canadian and U.S. team in addition to

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  • Terry Brogan

    Corporate Accountant - Austin, TX

    Terry works in our Austin, TX office as our resident bean counter. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Austin and makes many trips south to Corpus Christie, his second home and Dallas, TX where his son resides. Although he wasn't born in Texas, they don't come much more Texan than Terry!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Parker Warfield

    Parker Warfield

    Sales Operations Manager - Austin, TX

    Parker joins us from Duluth, Minnesota. He brings his passion of working with children and his writing, organization and finance skills to our Austin team. Parker knows the ins and outs of all things DrumFIT and he is here to answer any questions you have!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Melissa Turcotte

    Melissa Turcotte

    Office and HR Manager - Waterloo, ON

    Melissa is the glue that binds us! As the DrumFIT HR and Canadian Office Manager, Melissa is the one that keeps everything and everyone running smoothly. If you’ve contacted DrumFIT, chances are you have spoken with Melissa on the phone. Melissa is the calm in the storm and as a mother of 4, I’m sure she’s used to the craziness!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Vanessa Hogan

    Vanessa Hogan

    Sales Executive - Redding, CA

    As a DrumFIT Sales Manager, Vanessa spends her sun-filled days sharing her love of DrumFIT and helping customers bring this amazing program to their school or gym. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to fund your DrumFIT program or for novel storage solutions, Vanessa’s your girl!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Alanna Schieck

    Alanna Schieck

    Program Coordinator - Waterloo, ON

    Alanna has a long history with fitness and being active, from her competitive dance background to her university education in Therapeutic Recreation. She feeds off of the energy from those she is surrounded by and enjoys laughing. Growing up with four brothers, she is one tough cookie and loves a challenge! As a Program Coordinator...

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  • Meet DrumFIT member AJ Coghill

    AJ Coghill

    Media Manager - Waterloo, ON

    As the Creative Director at DrumFIT and the only male in an office full of women – he certainly has his work cut out for him! He is the magic behind our amazing videos and fantastic music and has now taken on the roll of the DrumFIT Podcast Host! Be sure to listen to AJ's assortment of interesting and informative guests on our new DrumFIT Podcast

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