Meet the

DrumFIT® Team

  • Meet DrumFIT member Danielle Sherbo

    Danielle Sherbo

    President and CEO - Austin, TX

    Danielle is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 13 years experience in business development.  In 2013, Danielle became President and CEO of DrumFIT and took it from a regional to an international company with 550% revenue growth in first 3 years. Major changes included converting DrumFIT's mostly service based revenue to an EdTech company with a SaaS delivery model for online curriculum.  Before joining DrumFIT, Danielle was a business consultant and built and successfully exited several businesses, including a disruptive e-commerce start-up.  She holds a BA from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC and now resides in Austin, TX where she spends most of her free time on Lake Austin wake-surfing and wake-boarding with her husband, four kids and dog.

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Jenny Busing

    Jenny Busing

    Director of Operations - Austin, TX

    Jenny came to DrumFIT as a business consultant and loved DrumFIT’s mission so much she decided to come on full time as our Director of Operations. Jenny is the director of our monthly Play N’ Go video curriculum which reached over 2 million students in its inaugural year. In addition to curriculum, Jenny directs DrumFIT’s brand strategy, product development, and marketing team. Jenny is a former NFL cheerleader, Emmy award winning dance coach, and women’s fitness studio owner. When she isn't cheering us on toward success you can find her doing yoga, wake-surfing, or hiking with her two dogs Dash and Daisy!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Terry Brogan

    Terry Brogan

    Corporate Accountant - Austin, TX

    Terry  works in our Austin, TX office as our resident bean counter.  Terry has a public accounting background, is a tax compliance expert and comes to DrumFIT with start-up and growth experience. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Austin and makes many trips south to Corpus Christie, his second home and Dallas, TX where his son resides.  Although he wasn't born in Texas, they don't come much more Texan than Terry!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Paige Edwards

    Paige Edwards

    Curriculum Specialist - Austin, TX

    Paige is the new Curriculum Specialist at DrumFIT!  Aside from her lifelong experience as a dancer, Paige has completed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in Dance at Texas A&M.  Recently, she also became a certified Texas educator with a focus in Physical Education and Dance.   With experience in sales, human resources and as a teacher, Paige is excited to combine her diverse skill set to create engaging cardio video curriculum for DrumFIT in Austin, TX!   When she’s not working, Paige can be found learning new beats from her boyfriend, an expert drummer, and taking it easy with her cat-Kat, dancing, and exploring the outdoors. 

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Marissa Sutton

    Marissa Sutton

    Sales Operations Manager - Austin, TX

    Marissa came to DrumFIT with a well-versed background in customer service, operations management, and sales training. Hailing as a University of Alabama graduate, with her degree in Human Environmental Sciences and a double minor in Educational Studies and Computer Science, she brings her rocking skills to DrumFIT USA. When Marissa is not running the Sales Operations Division of DrumFIT, she enjoys spending time with her dogs, Howie and Mama Girl ( aka G-Unit), kayaking, hiking, camping, going to music festivals, and watching the CRIMSON TIDE dominate the football field.

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Melissa Turcotte

    Melissa Turcotte

    Office and HR Manager - Waterloo, ON

    Melissa is the glue that binds us! As the DrumFIT HR and Canadian Office Manager, Melissa is the one that keeps everything and everyone running smoothly. If you’ve contacted DrumFIT, chances are you have spoken with Melissa on the phone. Melissa is the calm in the storm and as a mother of 4, I’m sure she’s used to the craziness!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Ed Clarke

    Ed Clarke

    Education Specialist - North Carolina

    Ed Clark manages sales out of DrumFIT’s North Carolina office. A lifelong advocate of fitness, Ed was a 2 time All American Division 1 distance runner in college and twice named to Outstanding College Athletes of America. Ed has run many marathons including Boston four times and now concentrates primarily on long distance (50-100 miles) road cycling. Ed has over 30 years’ experience in K-12 and Higher Education and holds a Master’s Degree in Education. Ed lives with his wife, Sally, in Winston-Salem, NC and has 2 grown children and 6 young Grandchildren. If you travel on the roads in NC you may see Ed out on a 50-mile training ride!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Vanessa Hogan

    Vanessa Hogan

    Education Specialist - Redding, CA

    As a DrumFIT Education Specialist, Vanessa spends her sun-filled days sharing her love of DrumFIT and helping customers bring this amazing program to their school or gym. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to fund your DrumFIT program or for novel storage solutions, Vanessa’s your girl!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Kevin Greene

    Kevin Greene

    Web Developer / IT

    Kevin is the resident techy. In addition to handling the IT needs he is also a Senior Web Developer with over 10 years experience in the field and thoroughly enjoys bringing everyone's ideas to life on the web. When hes not wrangling code, hes out exploring every restaurant in the city, so if you need food advice, hit him up!

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  • Meet DrumFIT member Alanna Schieck

    Alanna Schieck

    Program Coordinator - Waterloo, ON

    Alanna has a long history with fitness and being active, from her competitive dance background to her university education in Therapeutic Recreation. She feeds off of the energy from those she is surrounded by and enjoys laughing. Growing up with four brothers, she is one tough cookie and loves a challenge! As a Program Coordinator...

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  • Meet DrumFIT member AJ Coghill

    AJ Coghill

    Media Manager - Waterloo, ON

    As the Media Manager at DrumFIT, AJ is the magic behind our amazing videos, social media, and is also our DrumFIT Podcast Host!  Be sure to listen to AJ's assortment of interesting and informative guests on our DrumFIT Podcast channel.  AJ lives with his beautiful wife, Jody, in Ontario.  They spend their days starring in their own vlog and seeking out daily adventures and good coffee! 

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  • Al hood

    Executive Assistant - Austin, TX

    Al Hood is the executive assistant for DrumFIT’s Austin office. Al graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016 with a bachelor’s in Psychology and Liberal Arts Honors. During his tenure as a student, he studied the extensive beneficial effects of cardio exercise on various forms of mental illness, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia. He’s very excited to be part of a company that takes a hands-on approach to improving students’ health and well-being. When he’s not helping the DrumFIT team bring next-generation PE to schools and teachers across North America, Al enjoys playing music, creating landscape paintings, and juggling.

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