We love you!

Umm, was that too forward?
We get a little carried away sometimes.

But seriously

DrumFIT® is about love

It’s about loving the beat, and the moves, and the feel of your muscles screaming.

It’s about loving what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

And it’s about loving how you look, how you feel and who you are.

Created by and for

People who love changing lives

We started DrumFIT in schools as a simple, fun way to change kid’s lives. It worked and they loved it. Turns out the parents and teachers loved it too and begged us to bring it to gyms. We did, and now it’s changing the lives of adults across all fitness levels.

We’ve also created programs for seniors and people with special needs and there’s plenty more to come.

DrumFIT at the YMCA is fun, exciting and engaging. Members have raved about this new program that we are offering. The turnout has been more than we expected and continues to grow. Jennifer Tummonds
Supervisor, YMCA KW


Teachers & instructors

Love our support

DrumFIT knows that everyone marches to the beat of their own drum. That’s why we created the DrumFIT Corps to support how YOU teach! Whether you lead the routines yourself, use our online video content in-class, run student directed groups or come up with your own choreo from scratch – we have YOU covered! DrumFIT Corps has the new routines, lesson plans and ideas to keep your classes new, engaging and bursting with excitement!

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Meet AJ Coghill

Meet AJ

Media Manager - Waterloo, ON

As the Creative Director at DrumFIT and the only male in an office full of women – he certainly has his work cut out for him! He is the magic behind our amazing videos and fantastic music and has now taken on the roll of the DrumFIT Podcast Host! Be sure to listen to AJ's assortment of interesting and informative guests on our new DrumFIT Podcast

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